Aetna is One of the First Insurers to Subsidize the Cost of an Apple Watch

We’re of the opinion that the Apple Watch is way too expensive. Well, it might not be too expensive soon, but don’t look to Apple for a price cut — look to your insurance company. Aetna is the latest insurer to encourage the connected health movement by offering subsidies for the Apple Watch.

Aetna’s new initiative only involves Apple, so if you’re interested in other wearables, that cost is going to be all on you. But, if you’re in the market for an Apple Watch, Aetna could have you covered. Like it always is with insurance, how much you’ll get (if anything) depends on who you are and what your insurance profile (for lack of a better term) consists of. According to Aetna’s news release, they will target businesses and certain individual policy holders for the new program. For those who qualify, Aetna will offer them the Apple Watch directly at a discounted price. Businesses can also opt for payroll deductions to help cover the cost of Apple Watches for all of their employees.

In addition to helping cover the cost of the Apple Watch, Aetna will make a suite of connected health apps available to its customers. The apps will be dedicated to helping policy holders understand and manage specific diseases, offering information, professional support, and medication reminders. There will also be apps to help those users manage their Aetna accounts and understand their benefits, along with Apple Wallet integration for bill payment.

It’s an experimental program for Aetna, considering the health benefits of owning a wearable are unproven at best. But, they won’t be driving ahead totally blind. They’ll be using their own employees as a test group, announcing that all 50,000 Aetna employees will be able to get an Apple Watch for free from the company. They’ll be part of Aetna’s wellness reimbursement program, which will see them get money back for establishing and maintaining healthy habits.

Via The Verge