Elfy is a Smart Light to Make You Feel a Little Less Lonely (Review)

Emie’s Elfy smart light is an adorably baffling little device. It says it’s a light, looks like a piggy bank, and it’s super cute, but what does it actually do? Well, the instructions were in Chinese with not much in the way of translation, so I took to YouTube to confirm what I already suspected — it simply exists to light up and make you smile.



Elfy comes in a little square box with instructions. After unscrewing the case, you see little Elfy staring up at you with two little black spots for eyes and a soft silicone body that bounces back when tapped. The instructions are in Chinese, but equally adorable illustrations at least help a little to explain things:

After doing a photo translation on Google Translate, I got the idea that Elfy is supposed to keep you company and keep your cat amused. After establishing a Bluetooth connection, I downloaded the app and customized the colors that show up when tapped. The colors range from soft pastels (as pictured) to bright hues. That’s it. It sits there looking at me. I bump it a little when I am bored. Kids think it’s funny. And then it runs out of battery and blinks red in a terrifying horror movie type of way. With five hours of battery life, that happened kinda often.

Read on for the verdict…

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