Gird Your Loins: Teva and Crocs Have Collaborated on a Shoe

It really is amazing when a shoe develops its own persona. We associate Christian Louboutins with a certain type of person, Uggs with another (definitely the people that love Pumpkin Spice Lattes), but nothing really beats Crocs. With one wearing of Crocs you tell the world, ‘I don’t care how ugly my shoes are. I want to feel like I am walking on clouds.’ And now Crocs are teaming up with the ugly staple shoe of the 90s, Tevas, to make one super ugly collaboration shoe. Technically, Birkenstocks are really the ugly shoe of the 90s, but they are like cool, don’t give a damn ugly, while Tevas are their younger geeky brother that use velcro for everything.

Racked calls them “an abomination” as they defy the laws of aesthetically pleasing fashion. Eliza Brooke writes, “The shape is that of a regular Teva, with a slab of wooly sheepskin on top of the foot and at the heel.” But she adds that they are literally the most comfortable thing to walk on ever, as they feel like a cloud.

However, the world’s weirdest shoe collaboration doesn’t stop there. Teva has been busy this year, as they have also collaborated with the epically popular Uggs (TevaxUggs). This time it is a boot except, it still has an exposed toe – thus making it absolutely impractical for anything useful! The shoes in all their ugly glory are available on the Teva and Uggs web sites right now and clock in at $175 and $225 respectively.

Via Racked