We Wish We Didn’t Need the Griffin iTrip Clip, But We’re Glad It’s Around Anyway

Some of the most lucrative business opportunities in tech come about when Apple finds a new way to inconvenience their customers. The MacBook and its single USB Type-C port gave rise to some really useful hubs, and now they’ve gone and done it again with the no-3.5 mm audio port-having iPhone 7. Now that it’s Bluetooth, Lightning, or bust for headphones, prospective iPhone 7 owners with preferred analog headphones are going to be in need of an adapter. In steps Griffin.

Griffin, which was recently acquired by fellow accessory maker Incipio, has created the iTrip Clip. It’s a Bluetooth accessory that you can plug a regular set of headphones into, letting you use your existing headphones with the iPhone 7. We like this solution a lot more than the Lightning-to-3.5 mm adapter Apple is including with their new phone — using the Lightning port for audio is just going to run down the battery faster, and then it’ll be impossible to use your headphones and charge the phone at the same time. Using a Bluetooth connection won’t do wonders for battery life, either, but at least you can still listen while charging.

In addition to Bluetooth connectivity, the iTrip Clip includes physical controls on the face for play/pause, volume, and track skipping. It also has a mic, just in case that’s handier to use than the in-line mic on your existing set of headphones (or if your headphones don’t have an in-line mic). And, like the Griffin iTrip products of old, it’ll be great for use in the car, too. The iTrip Clip can be connected to an older car stereo using the auxiliary port, which will allow you to play music wirelessly from your smartphone over Bluetooth. Griffin says to expect six hours of battery life.

The Griffin iTrip Clip is expected to be available sometime this month for $20. We can’t wait to see what other exciting products will come out because of Apple (and Lenovo with the Moto Z, to be fair) making things harder!