WithMoji Will Take Your Emoji Game To a Whole New Level

We all know when it comes to expressing ourselves, emoji are really the best way to go. After all, 6 billion emoji were sent worldwide each day in 2015! And, now that Apple has really opened the emoji floodgates for iMessage with the iOS 10 update, that number figures to increase by a lot. IMVU’s WithMoji app is definitely going to do its part to bring that number up and expand the definition of emoji, while they’re at it. The app has now launched, and as was promised, it shows up all the familiar unicode emoji big time.

“IMVU avatars are the vehicle for users to uniquely express themselves to make emotional connections,” says Brett Durrett, CEO of IMVU. “Now, using our WithMoji platform, which couples animated expressions with infinitely customizable avatars, and our 3D mobile experience, we will change the way people communicate universally.” And seriously, the results are incredible. Not only can you make custom avatars for use with animated emoji, two people’s emoji avatars can interact with each other. Pretty soon, we’re thinking you’ll never feel a need to look at real human again!

The interactive feature is fairly simple to use. One user sends an animated emoji, and the other can respond with a bevy of actions such as a kiss, hug, or dance (just like in real life!). You can also save the emoji as GIFs, which is always handy for use with Twitter. IMVU has about 100 reactions available now, although you’ll have to pay up to access some of them.

Like they’ve been doing on their own messenger app, IMVU plans to keep the WithMoji app updated with seasonal content, and we hear they might even have contests where you can create your own animated sticker ideas. iMessage will never be the same.

WithMoji is available now on the iTunes App Store for free. To quote one of their animated stickers, YAAAAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSSSSS