LuDela is a Smart Candle That Can Extinguish Itself

Nothing is outside the purview of smart technology. Even the humble wax candle, a light source predating the discovery of electricity itself, is getting outfitted with electronic parts. LuDela is a smart candle, and while most of the concept is rife with infomercial-level silliness, there is one feature here that could prove genuinely useful next time you light up a few candles on the hearth.

First, the silly but admittedly pretty cool part — LuDela can be lit using an app. By all appearances, it’s a standard wax candle, but something embedded in the wick will light the candle when you press a button on the app. No matches necessary! The app (which does have a child lock feature) can be used to put out the candle, too, which I guess would be handy if you’re all settled into bed and suddenly remember you forgot to put out a candle in the living room. Better yet, the app will actually tell you what percentage of wax has burned away! Alright, that one’s a pretty big stretch, but hey, why not?

But, as promised, there is something genuinely useful here. Candles tipping over and igniting home fires is something that really does happen, and LuDela promises to prevent that. We’re not sure how it works (we’re guessing they use an accelerometer), but the LuDela candle will extinguish itself immediately if it detects that it’s been tipped over. The fire should be out before it hits the ground. At the very least, it’s saving you from a nasty burn mark on the carpet, and that seems like a worthwhile thing to avoid.

LuDela is pretty expensive at $99, but the smart base is reusable and rechargeable, and LuDela will have a subscription program that will send you seasonally scented wax refills when you need them. They’re also keen to point out that LuDela burns 100 percent of those wax refills. LuDela expects to start shipping out candles in early 2017. For every candle they sell, they’ll also send a solar-charged light (stores solar energy during the day to be used as power at night) to someone in need.

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