The Mophie Power Capsule Gives Your Bluetooth Earbuds a Second Wind

With the Moto Z and the iPhone 7 getting rid of the 3.5 mm headphone port, we’re being told pretty firmly that Bluetooth is the future. One of the crummiest parts of that future (at least in the present) is that Bluetooth earbuds still don’t have very good battery lives, and there is just about nothing worse than a dead pair of useless headphones (well, maybe a dead useless smartphone). Mophie’s trying to tide us over until battery life improves with the Power Capsule, a soft carrying case with an external battery pack tucked away inside.

At 1,400 mAh, it’s not a huge battery, but it’s big enough to charge most Bluetooth in-ear headphones eight times over on average. Hey, there’s not much room in those earbuds — those batteries can’t be very big. The zippered carrying case is made of EVA foam and silicone, and is big enough to fit most Bluetooth earbuds. There’s an integrated Micro USB cable to charge those earbuds up, along with an LED indicator on the back showing how charged the case itself is. Mophie has also added passthrough charging, so the case and your earbuds can be charged at the same time, but the battery will stop charging once it detects that your earbuds are fully charged.


While the main use for these is going to be Bluetooth earbuds, the case is big enough to hold small fitness trackers like the Fitbit Flex or the Misfit Shine. No matter what, having to use the Power Capsule will be something of an annoyance — unlike smartphones, Bluetooth earbuds can’t be used while charging (nor can fitness trackers). It’s not an ideal solution, but if you’re out on a long hike or just want to start charging your earbuds immediately after a long workout session, it could prove yourself. Mophie is selling the Power Capsule now for $40.