Mophie Wireless Juice Pack Bundle Review

There is a secret all us iPhone die-hards rarely admit aloud. We are totally jealous of other brands’ wireless charging capabilities. We love our iPhones, but we are still slumming it with archaic charging chords that aren’t long enough. Worse still, the battery life leaves much to be desired. Well, if by the middle of the day your iPhone is in need of life support, Mophie couldn’t offer a more convenient pack in their Juice Pack Wireless cases. If you’re a hardcore iPhone user and/or Pokémon Go player, this is just perfect for you. From the nightstand to your desk to your car, you are covered with wireless charging that is as effortless as laying your iPhone down on the charging pad.

Unboxing the Mophie Juice Pack Wireless

Out of the box, the first impression is that this is a seamless system. The charging case that attaches to your iPhone offers you a 2,420 mAh battery bump. The pack is a simple install where you simply slide the iPhone into the lower half of the pack and then the top half clicks on over it. It is sturdy, secure, and on an already large iPhone Plus, even larger, adding about half-an-inch to the length and a very minimal amount to the width. The case is a typical Mophie matte TPU that has a bit of a grippable surface material on it and is designed to be impact resistant with rubberized support points.

The Juice Pack Wireless with Force Charge features the classic Mophie tech of priority charging, which means that your phone will always be charged before the battery pack. The back of the case has a button and LED meter to let you see how far along its charge is. Since the case eats up the headphone jack, it comes with an adapter to help with that. You can get the Juice Pack juiced up either by plugging it in or by using the wireless charging base. The Charge Force bases have magnetic locks that click cases into place and begin charging. But, you don’t have to use the Juice Pack Wireless cases with Mophie’s charging bases — they’re also compatible with Qi and other wireless charging systems.

Using the Whole Mophie Force Charge Eco-System

At checkout, you can choose an add-on to the basic Mophie Juice Pack Wireless, which of itself entails the battery pack case and a charging base. Add-ons available are the Charge Force desk mount and car vent mount. We reviewed all three. While this system is called wireless, you do still have to plug in all of the charging bases via an included Micro USB cable. The car air vent mount comes with a cigarette lighter adapter for a Micro USB cable.

Once it was all set up, I just loved the experience of always having a hassle-free charge at my disposal. It made keeping my iPhone 6s Plus charged throughout the day an afterthought rather than an intrusion. Wake up, and take it off the nightstand charging base. This was awesome because I could just set my iPhone Plus down and go to sleep instead of fumbling with cords. So I wake up with everything charged, and then whether it be to the desk or to the car, there are two more backup forms of charging that let me keep using my iPhone unobstructed. The desk mount actually enhanced my iPhone use because it was tilted up at me, and the car mount let me keep excellent eye contact with GPS directions while it the phone was charging. The convenience of all of this was exhilarating. My iPhone 6s Plus never dipped below 80 percent with all these backup methods of charging.

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