This Octopus Backpack is Absolutely Terrifying

How bad would your jump scare reaction be if you saw someone wearing this? If you’d rate your reaction in the accidentally jumping into traffic section of the scale, be warned — this hyper-realistic octopus backpack is all sold out, which means that some of them are prowling the streets on the backs of their willing accomplices.


It won’t surprise you to discover that this octopus has a face only Etsy could love. The backpack is the creation of Olga Kotova and Alexander Dedkov of Belarus, who sells many less terrifying animal-themed products on her OrangeCatMinsk Etsy store. But, this octopus does have softened, possibly slimy edges — affectionately named George, the backpack also has lots of space and a dedicated notebook sleeve, so it’s a legitimate 21st century backpack. The eyes are made from glass, though, so some caution is recommended.

Unfortunately for you octopus lovers out there, George has proven to be a little too popular for his own good. Kotova is fresh out of Georges, so he’s currently listed as unavailable on her Etsy store. No clue if he’ll resurface at any point, but as long as the demand for tentacled creatures is there (and it will always be there), there’s a good chance he’ll come back. You can take that as a threat or a promise, depending.

Via Cnet