Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 Phones Are Back On Sale

Nothing can keep Samsung down. Earlier this month Samsung initiated a recall of their new Note 7 smartphone that covered 10 countries, including their native South Korea and the United States. The Note 7 was recalled after reports surfaced of batteries catching on fire or exploding essentially meaning people were in possession of exploding phones which is less cool than it sounds.  According to a Samsung release, 35 such cases had been reported as of September 1, after which the company found a “battery cell issue.” The issue was bad enough for Samsung to believe that cases of exploding phones could increase drastically, prompting them to initiate a recall. At first, Samsung’s recall did not cover the United States, but then Samsung ended up having to include the United States.

But Samsung has continued to persevere, and yesterday Samsung announced that over 500,000 new Galaxy Note 7 replacement devices have arrived in the U.S. and have been shipped to carrier and retail stores. New Galaxy Note 7 devices will be available for exchange at retail locations nationwide tomorrow. The phones are on sale through carriers Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile, and AT&T.

The company also announced the rollout of a software update for new Note 7 devices. Now the phones will display a green battery icon on the status bar found on the top right hand of the screen. The green icon indicates that consumers have a Galaxy Note 7 with an unaffected battery.

Samsung and the U.S. CPSC are still urging all consumers of Note 7’s sold prior to September 15 to power down their device. For those not heeding that advice, or are still not aware of the recall notice, a software update will be pushed to all recalled devices. Once installed, users will be prompted with a safety notice that urges owners to power down and to go exchange their recalled device. The notice will appear every time a user powers up or charges their device.

Via Samsung.com

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