UDoq Review – Because Devices That Charge Together, Stay Together

One of the best things announced at IFA 2016 might surprise you. To that effect, one of our favorites from IFA this year was not a smartphone or a smart appliance, but the Udoq multi-device charging dock. Udoq is “the first universal docking station for all your mobile devices of every brand and generation”. It manages to do this by allowing you to switch and shift your charging cables as needed. So why are we so smitten with Udoq? That is because we have tested and tried several multi device charging dock solutions in the past, but none have been as elegant, reliable or as well thought out as the Udoq.

Most modern households have several mobile devices. USB-C, Lightning, Micro-USB… with all the different connectors out there, it makes it extremely difficult to share a charging base. Worse, locating and untangling charging cables is an ongoing hassle. But the Udoq changes all of that.

Designed in Germany, Udoq is made of a tough duty aluminum body that serves as a stand to prop up your devices while they are charging. The result is a neat, attractive and convenient way to house your devices while charging them.

And because Udoq knows that one size doesn’t fit all, the Udoq is available in different lengths 250mm (9,8 in), 400mm (15,7 in), 550mm (21,65 in) and 700mm (27,6 in). Out of the box, the Udoq comes standard with Apple Lightning, Apple 30-pin, Micro-USB and USB-C charging cables pre-installed in the Udoq Bar. Their website also has a convenient configurator tool for visualizing how your specific devices will fit on the Udoq and how much it will cost for the right customized solution for you.

Udoq will be available in October.

The Good: The best multi-device charging solution we’ve tested to date, connectors are easy to switch out and shift, aluminum build is tough and attractive too, online configurator makes it easier to figure out which Udoq to get for your household

The Bad: Pricey


  1. Looks neat. Do you have any pictures of the cable side when there are 5 or more cables going to individual chargers in back?