27 Out-of-this-World Superhero Rings

We’ve brought you some awesome geeky rings before, but most of them have required a little more commitment than a lot of us are willing to make. That’s why we brought you some affordable geeky rings, but as it turns out, this market is more specialized than we thought! There are loads of rings out there based on the finest (or most villainous) that Marvel and DC have to offer, and a lot of them don’t require you to have the bank account of Bruce Wayne. Here are some of the coolest ones we’ve found so far!



Just one ring here, but you get your choice of materials and colors.

bijouls/Etsy – $90

The Joker


He might be nuts, but he’s great at color schemes.

DymondNcrustD/Etsy – $750

Iron Man and Captain America


Perfect for when it’s time to reconcile differences!

Gadget4Entertainment/Etsy – about $24

The Joker and Harley Quinn


Another questionable inspiration for couples, unless you dig the whole bad romance thing.

AllThingsGeekChic/Etsy – $425

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