Pokémon Go Stages a Comeback With Halloween Festivities

When last we checked in with Pokémon Go, player numbers weren’t looking too hot. And, from the lack of stampede reports and decline in crowding of our cities’ parks, it appears that things haven’t gotten much better. If nothing else, alarm bells should have gone off when the nation’s cafes got rid of their team-affiliated tip jars. So, it’s a bit surprising that Niantic hasn’t done more to try to spice the game up — it’s never getting back to the froth that we saw at release, but it probably shouldn’t be fading out of existence so soon, either. That’s finally changing this week, with Pokémon Go getting a special Halloween event.

From October 26 to November 1, the world is turning into Lavender Town (you’ll have to supply the spooky tunes yourself). Go trick-or-treating for Pokémon during those days, and you’ll find an uptick in the number of the more supernatural of ‘mons. Of course, that’ll include the classic ghost Pokémon, Gastly, with its two evolutions, Haunter and Gengar. Psychic Pokémon Drowzee will also show up more often (than usual), along with its evolution, Hypno. Oh, and there’ll be more Zubats. I know you needed more Zubats.

The game will also give out more candy than usual from captures, transfers, and leveling up your buddy PokémonWe’re guessing this is the first attempt at many holiday-themed events to come for the game, as long as this one is successful at bringing back some players. With these sorts of events, the eventual introduction of the legendary birds, and the newer generations of Pokémon, Pokémon Go should still have legs as long as Niantic doesn’t let the player base get too small.

Via Hypebeast