Toy Story 4 and The Incredibles 2 Are Really Happening, and Here Are The Release Dates

As if you needed any more sequels (er, continuation of cinematic universes) to get you into theaters, here’s two more to mark down. Pixar is making Toy Story 4 and The Incredibles 2, and they’ve got release dates nailed down. But, you’d better enjoy those new Vans kicks if you’re looking for a Toy Story fix — neither movie is coming out anytime soon.

The first one to arrive in theaters will be The Incredibles 2. Not much to report here besides the release date, really — Brad Bird, writer and director at Pixar, would only say, “It’ll be more Incredibles. I’m not going to give up anything! I come down on the side of surprise” to Oh My Disney. Sounds like we’ll have to find out what the super family has been up to (and how pwer training is going with Jack-Jack) when the movie comes out on June 15, 2018. That’s with an eight.

Next up is Toy Story 4. Again, Pixar isn’t saying much about what they have planned, only that they didn’t intend on making it until an idea came up internally at Pixar that no one could resist, prompting John Lasseter of Pixar to insist that he personally direct. We’d imagine the new movie will show what life after Andy is like for Woody and Buzz, but it sounds like Pixar has a lot more in store. Toy Story 4 is currently scheduled June 21, 2019. That’s with a nine.

We’re going to admit that we’re a little torn reading this news. We love Toy Story and The Incredibles, and we’d love to see what the characters have been up to, but with Monsters University coming out in 2013, Finding Dory coming out this year and Cars 3 hitting theaters next year, it seems like Pixar is devoting more and more attention to sequels and prequels. That’s kind of a shame, because Pixar has some of the best original storytellers in the business. They haven’t been slipping, either — Inside Out, their most recent original story, was as good or better than anything else they’ve ever produced. We’re not going to say no to more Woody and Buzz, but let’s hope the people at Pixar still have the freedom to do what they do best, too.

Via Oh My Disney