This Unicorn Cafe in Bangkok Looks Like a Lisa Frank Calendar Come to Life

And you thought all your dreams came true with the new Lisa Frank athleisure collection (it’s not a good workout if there aren’t fluorescent kittens involved)! Now, there’s a Unicorn Cafe in the Bang Rak district of Bangkok, Thailand, and we’re shopping for flight tickets.

With the pastel murals on the wall, horns on every piece of food (burgers actually look pretty good with horns), sparkly chandeliers, pink puffy couches, and stuffed animals up the wazoo it is basically like Lisa Frank threw up in a coffee shop. Guests are, of course, expected to adorn unicorn onesies — how else could you enjoy yourself? — as they surround themselves with rainbow colored drinks, food (try the rainbow spaghetti) and My Little Pony plushies.

That is just so much color! Seriously, your retinas may need a break after a stint in there. It’s been quite a comeback year for bright colors, too — the athleisure line was joined by a Lisa Frank adult coloring book that you’ve hopefully all been working diligently on. We can now only hope the magic flies west sometime soon!

Via Brit & Co