18 Surprising Facts About Gilmore Girls

You’d have to be living under a rock that was in a cave in the middle of nowhere to not know that Gilmore Girls is getting the Netflix reboot treatment. On November 25, the CW classic will be coming to Netflix as a four-part reboot called Gilmore Girls: A Day in The Life and people are just a little bit excited about it. Meanwhile, we’re soaking it in while we can — fans have definitely gotten some treats in the last few months (like somewhat questionably flavored ice cream based on the show), and we’re loving every minute of it. To celebrate, here are 18 facts you didn’t know about Gilmore Girls! 

1. They have their own ice cream flavor

Via Instagram
Via Instagram

Brooklyn-based Ample Hills Creamery held a Gilmore Girls-inspired ice cream flavor naming contest and selected “They Scoop Gilmores, Don’t They?” as the winner. It’s a mix of coffee and chocolate pudding flavors, snickerdoodle cookies and pink Pop Tart sprinkles. That sounds disgustingly wonderful.

2. They took over local coffee shops

Via Instagram
Via Instagram

In October, Netflix converted 200 coffee shops around the U.S. and Canada into faux versions of Luke’s Diner, complete with custom cups and signs on the door. Lines were out the door at most places!

3. They have their own (unofficial) cookbook


Following a successful Kickstarter in the spring, Gilmore Girls fan Kristi Carlson released Eat Like a Gilmore, a collection of recipes inspired by the series. We’re thinking some Pop-Tart cakes, salads in a bag, donut piles and, of course, the world’s largest pizza. But, you can find out yourself — they’re still available!

4. Jimmy Fallon is a big fan

Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon recently became a big fan and is actually trying to finish the entire series before the Netflix premiere. He still has 60 episodes left so it may be a little tough with his schedule (but let’s be real, that’s a three-day binge if he’s really committed). At least he knows enough to say his four favorite characters after Rory and Lorelai are Taylor, Luke, Kirk and Paris. Watch this video of him talking about his love for the show here.

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