The RetroViewer is Back, and This Time You Can Customize It With Your Own Family Photos

Looking to blow past the usual holiday card photos? You can do so in full retro style thanks to Image3D — the company has created the RetroViewer, a big plastic viewer cut from the same cloth as the classic View-Master. Now that View-Master has its sights set on VR, it’s time for someone else to bring back the classic picture viewer — the RetroViewer is made to order with photo reels from your own collection, making it a solid family gift this year.

Want one? Grab seven of your family’s finest photos and head over to Image3D’s site. There, you can upload each picture — the company recommends that images be about 1,112 pixels x 955 pixels for best results, and should be in .jpg format. You have the option of ordering either a 2D or 3D reel, too, but if you want the latter, you’ll have to actually have a camera that can take 3D pictures. But, if you need something to pop, it’s possible to add 3D text captions to either 2D or 3D pictures using Image3D’s ordering tool. Once you’re done, Image3D will get those pictures onto a View-Master-like reel and send them to you, viewer included. You can get personalized imprints on those viewers, too.

The viewer works the same way as a View-Master. Each reel has 14 photos on it — your seven photos are on the reel twice. The pairs are opposite each other, so the same picture will appear in front of both eyes when the viewer is used. Stick the reel in the viewer, and family friends can get treated to an eyeful of the most awkward family photos you can possibly muster this year. It going to be amazing!

Image3D is serious about these viewers being holiday card replacements, too! Ordering several viewers and reels brings down the price per unit — pricing starts at $30 for one, but goes down to $10 per unit if you really get into the holiday spirit and want to send out 100 of them. Image3D says the viewers and reels ship five to ten days after orders have been placed.

It’s not a coincidence that the RetroViewer looks so much like an old View-Master. The founder of Image3D, Rich Dubnow, used to be a 3D photographer for View-Master before starting his own company. He’s got fond memories, apparently — while Image3D technically can’t guarantee anything, their reels have been made to fit old View-Masters in addition to their own RetroViewer.