Kushion is a Soft Bluetooth Speaker You Can Rest Your Head On

Today, we’ve got the world’s foremost setup for a lame soft rock dad joke. Kushion is showing us the softer side of sound with a new Bluetooth speaker built into a foam cushion comfy enough to rest your head on. I don’t know if you’d want to do that while music is playing because it’s supposed to get pretty loud, but hey, we’re not here to tell you how to use your pillow speaker.

Kushion looks like a sleek black pillow, but has a mesh speaker grille of sorts in a ring on the front. Inside, there’s thick foam surrounding a speaker system with audio powered by Kushion’s digital signal processing. We’re not sure how Kushion is tuned, but early Amazon reviews seem to indicate it’s heavy on the bass (in a good way). Two Kushions can be linked together for more volume, too. Battery life is said to be eight hours, and there’s a USB port in case you want to charge the device you’re streaming from. And yeah, there’s a microphone, so you can use your new pillow as a speakerphone.

But sure, we’ve heard good bass from Bluetooth speakers before. The real question is whether or not we can catch some quality Zs on this thing. Signs point to maybe! Kushion is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Comfort Revolution, a company that has been doing foam since the ’80s and is apparently responsible for egg crate mattress pads. That’s some serious pedigree! The exterior is covered with ultra carbon leather, and we’ll be sure to update this post once we find out what that actually is.

It better be really comfy and that bass better be really booming, though. At $300, Kushion isn’t cheap. It’s available now directly from the company or from Amazon.