Sony Releasing a Final Fantasy XV Edition Walkman in Their Retail Stores in Japan

To celebrate an old video game franchise, you need an old audio product. The Final Fantasy series of video games got its start in 1987, with the release of the first game on the NES. Over the years, the series has become more associated with Sony’s video game consoles, with the fifteenth installment in the main series hitting the PlayStation 4 today. To celebrate, Sony has fashioned a limited edition Walkman for the new game, and it’s a pretty great mix of past and present.

As a refresher, the Walkman is no longer a portable CD or cassette player paired with incredibly cheap headphones. Sony used the brand name for their touchscreen mp3 players in 2012 before going all-in on hi-res audio more recently. Their A-series Walkmen are the smaller versions of their hi-res audio player, and that’s what will get the Final Fantasy XV treatment. Selling for the yen equivalent of about $300, the player has the four main characters in 16-bit sprite form on the back, along with a stylized XV.


Sony will also have FFXV versions of their hear.on MDR-100A headphones and hear.go SRS-HG1 Bluetooth speaker. The headphones just have that stylized XV on the earcups, while the speaker has the game’s title along the top, with silhouettes of the four main characters and their car and tent. In case you’re wondering, Final Fantasy XV, by all accounts, is about four bros on a road trip who probably save the world at some point. Early reviews are positive, despite the long and tumultuous 10-year development process (it was originally planned as a game called Final Fantasy XIII Versus, to be released alongside FFXIII).


But, all of the above will only be sold at Sony retail stores in Japan, starting tomorrow in tandem with the game’s release. So, it’s the usual Japan-only situation — pay your friend in Japan to get something for you or get your eBay bidding fingers warmed up.

Via The Verge