V-Moda Forza In-Ear Headphones Review



For a pair of fitness in-ears, the audio quality of the Forza is a lot better than you’d expect. The sound clarity alone puts them above most of their competitors, although this is admittedly the part of the market with some of the worst audio quality overall. That audio quality is definitely a plus, but V-Moda made it count with smart design choices that make these in-ear headphones equally well-suited for the unique challenges that running and exercise present — namely, sweat and constant jostling. At $100, the Forza in-ears aren’t the cheapest option, but among the wired fitness crowd (and is it ever a crowd), they’re undoubtedly one of the best.

The other advantages to going with V-Moda are their great warranty, customer loyalty program, and trial offer. On top of a two-year warranty and a 60-day money-back trial period, V-Moda gives customers access to the Immortal Life program. Once the headphones are out of warranty, they can be sent back to V-Moda to get 50 percent off a similar product, be it the same model or a future updated model. If you already know you’re going to stick with V-Moda, it’s a terrific deal.

The V-Moda Forza in-ear headphones are available now from V-Moda and Amazonand an assortment of retail stores. It looks like they’ll eventually be available on Amazon, too, but not yet. They can be purchased in white, black, or orange, and with either an iOS or Android in-line remote.

The Good: Excellent audio quality for the price, great fit, comfortable, Immortal Life is a great and simple customer rewards program

The Bad: Could use some alternate ear tips that allow more background noise in

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