Cheetos Now Has Its Own Makeup and Perfume Products

You know when you are eating a bag of Cheetos and thinking, “Gosh I wish I could smear some of this orange dust on my eyelids and cheeks (it’s clearly already all over my mouth)!” Well you are in luck because now you can. That’s right. In sentences you never thought you would hear, Cheetos now has its own makeup. But what’s really scary is that they are also selling a ring and earring for $20,000 – and it’s already out of stock. That’s a lot of cheddar!

Feeling a little pale this winter? Try “colour de Cheetos Bronzer,” which sells for $11.99 and promises to give you that “vibrant Cheetos glow.” If you are a big spender you can go for the $20,000 “Eye of the Cheetah” diamond set. Ryan Matiyow, Cheetos senior director of marketing, said the brand wanted to “inject a bit of life and fun” into the holiday season with the collection, which is available online. And honestly is there anything more fun than cheese dust? And don’t forget there is also Cheeteau Perfume, made from real cheese oils. “Each of [the items] really have their own kind of unique playful signature Cheetos inspiration with the objective of putting fun into a variety of different categories,” said Matiyow. Guess this will appeal to the same crowd that bought the KFC sunscreen.


According to Matiyow the products were created through the “lens” of how Chester Cheetah, the brand’s symbol, would have shown them off. “How would Chester Cheetah display these fun and playful items, but in a way that fit with those higher end catalogs that go out there, that was the approach we took with the holiday book,” Matiyow said. Yes, because Chester is right up there with the great beauty icons of the world.

Hopefully this means we are one step closer to a Doritos jewelry line.

Photo via Cheetos Brand