21 Amazingly Adorable Works of Disney Hand Art

You won’t even need jewelry!

Hand art has become one of the biggest art and Instagram trends in the last two years, so it was only a matter of time before it infiltrated the Disney universe. Will it be bigger than nail art? With these amazing Disney character and scene depictions, we believe it! Check out these incredible creations of Disney-inspired hand art from the incredibly talented Magic Touch. You can follow the artist on Instagram and Facebook.



And he even has a special Santa cap on for the holidays. Olaf from Frozen has become one of the most beloved Disney characters ever, so it is no wonder he has been turned into hand art.

Mickey Mouse


But you can’t have Disney art without the mouse who started it all. Who wouldn’t want this larger than life mouse on their hand?



Although they are new to the Disney family, both Moana and Pua from the brand new Disney animated feature film Moana made the cut for some great hand art.

Winnie the Pooh and Friends


You are going to need a friend to fit in with all these beloved woodland creatures (except why was a tiger in the woods?) from the film and TV series inspired by the classic children’s book series by A.A. Milne. Here we have Tiger, Piglet, Rabbit and of course, Pooh Bear.

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