Carnival Cruises Has a Wearable That They Want All of Their Guests To Wear

In a world’s first, Carnival Cruises wants all their guests to use a quarter-sized wearable device called the Ocean Medallion. This disc can be worn as jewelry, a key chain, a clip, or just in a pocket. It will serve as a micro-sized concierge during the Carnival experience coordinating everything from on-demand food and drinks requests to smoothing port embarkations.




From getting on the boat to the very last moments of your trip, this Ocean Medallion is your key to Carnival paradise. You can use it to get into your room without a pesky key card or to find your friends and family on the ship. It lets you purchase stuff on the ship using only the Medallion when you are soaking wet and not wanting to mess around with money. It also is your key to gaming and entertainment options on the ship.

The Ocean Medallion also has the option of pairing with a digital concierge personalized just for you, accessible by smart device or kiosks placed throughout the ship. Even your stateroom TV can pair with it. There are proprietary sensors placed all throughout the ship to enable such a seamless experience, a system Carnival calls “Experience Innovation Operating System” or xiOS.

If you are looking into planning a cruise in the near future, the Ocean Medallion will be debuting in November 2017 on Princess Cruises Regal Princess and then in 2018 on the Royal Princess and Caribbean Princess with continual roll out over the years. With the Ocean Medallion, we have a feeling there will be a whole lot less panicked parents looking for lost kids and a whole lot more annoyed teenagers trying to escape their parents. What’s not to love? To book an Ocean Medallion cruises click here.