CMRA is the Camera your Apple Watch Doesn’t Need

Samsung’s Galaxy Gear smart watch came with a camera, and it was sort of useless. Now, CMRA is doubling up on cameras and delivering not one, but two, cameras to the Apple Watch. CMRA is a watch band for the Apple Watch that is compatible with any model and any size. It adds a 2MP self-facing camera and an 8MP outward-facing camera to the watch. It’s an interesting idea, but does it beat just using your iPhone?

CMRA enables easy photo and video capture straight from the Apple Watch. There’s an app that should allow you to record live video and video chat. It also uses the Glide app to deliver video messages.


CMRA does have its own battery and doesn’t share Apple Watch’s. This means it also requires its own charger. Nicely enough, it includes a charging dock that can charge both the watch and the band at the same time. It also has its own 8GB onboard storage, but will sync all photos and videos with your phone.

The CMRA boasts an all-day battery, or up to 30 minutes of video per charge. The cameras utilize tilt balancing, lens correction, noise reduction, and pixel optimization to supposedly produce sharp HD photos and smooth videos. It features WiFi and Bluetooth 2.0. It has a microphone, and is splash-resistant.

The pre-order for is currently available with a $80 discount off the $249 list price. The CMRA camera band is supposed to start shipping in Spring 2017. The pre-order is available with available in black, white, blue, or silver models from getcmra.com.