Earin M-2 Wireless Earbuds Are The Smallest and Lightest On the Market

Earin M-2 earbuds were carefully crafted to be as small and unobtrusive as possible while still comfortably fitting in your ear to create sound isolation. Earin actually made the bold step of going wireless with earbuds long before Apple did with their post-Kickstarter model that we reviewed recently. Since then, they have improved on the tech with the Earin M-2 earbuds providing a touch navigation interface.


A nice design factor of the M-2 is that the entire bud sits in the ear unlike Apple Airpods’ stick-like protrusion that is easily bumped. These are thought to be the smallest and lightest on the market so using them is meant to feel barely there. This is a nice change from other brands that feel like you have a marble stuck in your ear due to their clunky form factor. The M-2’s are all about svelteness. Even the charging method is aesthetically pleasing as a slender magnetic docking capsule that also acts as a storage device.


To navigate music or phone calls, all you have to do is touch the earbud tip accordingly. Just a gentle tap, not a forcible push that lodges the earbud irretrievably down the ear canal. Comfort is key with this brand, but technological innovation is not left by the wayside either. Dual antenna and Near Field Magnetic Induction powered by NXP Semiconductors and developed by Earin is at the heart of why these provide such a stable and reliable experience. You can look for these early this year at Earin. Although, no word on exact pricing just yet. Likely in the Apple Airpod price range as they are a direct competitor and their former model is priced at $199.