Here’s a Connected Toaster, Coffee Maker and A Mirror to Outfit Your Smart Home With

With Griffin’s new Bluetooth-connected Coffeemaker, Toaster, and Mirror, your mornings will be a whole lot more coordinated and all from bed. Force one eye open after your alarm goes off, open the app, and tap your way into fresh-brewed coffee without even getting out of bed. Maybe while you are enjoying that cup of coffee you are ready to get the kids’ waffles toasting, it’s just a tap away. Then check out the weather, time and other info on the Smart Mirror while you put make-up on like a multi-tasking beast.

Griffins’s Connected Coffeemaker retails for $99 and will be available in Spring. With it you can control coffee strength so you can have your coffee just right every morning. This coffeemaker has an edge over cheaper models that only have pre-programmed brewing timer on them because you likely don’t always want to wake up exactly when you programmed your coffee to brew. With this Griffin model, you can start brewing when you actually wake up and enjoy fresh brewed coffee instead of old coffee from when you over-optimistically set the timer the night before way too early. All you have to do is remember to set up the grounds and water the night before and you have yourself on demand coffee from bed the next morning.

Griffin’s Smart Toaster at first glance may sound like overkill. Bluetooth, for a Toaster? Really? Well, as anyone with kids can tell you, mornings are war. War to be on time, to get the kids dressed, and most importantly to not burn breakfast, namely toast. Kids don’t like burnt toast. With this toaster you can throw a couple waffles in the toaster at the beginning of the morning and as you near breakfast, while multitasking other things, you can tap to toast. The Connected Toaster remembers your preferences and saves it for next time. It also offers digital temperature adjustment for the two slots along with a gluten-free bread toasting feature. You can find this magical Toaster from Griffin in spring for $99.

Griffin Connected Mirror

Griffin’s Connected Mirror is the stuff of Disney fairytales. It can’t tell you who the fairest of them all is but it can tell you whether or not you will face fair weather that day. You also won’t get too lost and behind schedule in the shower with this mirror in the bathroom telling you the time. The Connected Mirror is app-enabled and you can coordinate information displayed from there. Look for the Connected Mirror late this year for a whopping $999.99 from Griffin.