Honor 6X Offers a Killer Smartphone Value for Under $250

No other $250 phone has a Snapchat game like this!

Last year, when Huawei announced their Honor 8 smartphone, we were expecting a follow-up to the more affordable Honor 5X from late 2015. Looks like they saved it for CES — Huawei has just announced the Honor 6X, a $250 smartphone that includes premium features like a dual-camera array on the back. Better yet, Huawei’s giving everyone four chances to get it for $200.

Like the 5X, the 6X is a mid-range 5.5″ metal Android phone with a slightly rounded back. It will run Huawei’s EMUI 4.1 over Android 6.0 initially (a Nougat update should come later in this year). Should be an interesting phone — Huawei always uses their own high-end Kirin processors on their premium phones, but until now, we’ve seen Huawei uses Qualcomm’s midrange chipsets in their cheaper Honor phones (excluding the Honor 8, which was closer to premium). That changes with the 6X, which runs on an octa-core (4 x 2.1 GHz/4 x 1.7 GHz) Kirin 655 SoC and 3 GB of RAM. We’re not familiar with the 655, so we’ll have to do a full review to see how it performs. 32 GB of storage isn’t great, but it’s what we expect for the price, and there is a microSD card slot to add more storage. Like the 5X, the 6X has a 1080p IPS LCD display.


Battery life should be pretty impressive. The Honor 6X has a 3,340 mAh battery — not bad even on a premium phone, but paired with mid-range specs, we’re optimistic about the battery lasting for longer than a day.


Huawei usually markets camera performance (for the price) heavily when it comes to their Honor line, and that’s true for the 6X, too. Huawei has brought over their dual-camera system from the Honor 8 and their premiuim Huawei-branded phones, making the 6X the cheapest phone we know of that has a dual-camera array. This one is different than Huawei’s others — it combines a 12 MP sensor with a 2 MP depth sensor. That enables wide aperture mode, which lets you create a bokeh effect while taking pictures — bringing the subject into tight focus while artfully blurring the background. We’ve seen great and fake-looking results from different Huawei phones with this feature, so we’ll have to test the 6X ourselves to know what to expect. According to Huawei, the rear camera array can take 1080p video.


The 6X also has an 8 MP front camera, along with Huawei’s usual assortment of beauty modes and filters. Speaking of filters, it’s still possible to take black and white photos, but only as a filter — the results probably won’t be as striking as black and white shots taken with a premium Huawei phone, but hey, this one’s $250.

Huawei usually markets Honor phones to young people who love taking pictures and posting things to Snapchat and Instagram, and it seems like they’ve crammed in enough camera features to make this phone pretty attractive at $250. But, there’s a chance you can get it for cheaper than that. On January 10, 17, 24, and 31 from 1:00 PM ET to 3:00 PM ET, Huawei will sell the Honor 6X for $200 on their online store, with a limited number of devices available.

The Honor 6X will go on preorder starting January 4 on the Honor online store and will ship on January 10. You’ll also be able to buy it from Amazon, Best Buy, and Newegg. The 6X will be available in grey, gold, and silver. If you can grab one for $200, we think it could be every bit the equal of similarly priced phones like the Moto G4. If you’re big on experimenting with pictures, it could be one of the best values of early 2017.

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