Inirv React Can Turn Off Your Stove When You Accidentally Leave it On

Inirv React is a failsafe smart device that senses when there is gas or smoke coming from an oven that was accidentally left on and signals the kob units via Bluetooth to turn it off. Along with that, the heat resistant Inirv sounds an alarm as a redundancy to prevent the situation from becoming dangerous.


This system is universal because each individual knob unit attaches to your oven’s existing knobs with an adapter or you can use them entirely on their own as well.  It is really a simple solution to a common and sometimes extremely dangerous situation. Especially if you have kids at home. You can see in real time via the dedicated app, exactly what is happening with your stove. Imagine if you are on a phone call in the office and your intrepid toddler makes his way to the kitchen and decides to flip on a few things. Without even going into the room, you can quickly turn the stove off. Or say you are simmering dinner and step away to the bathroom for a moment, you can lower the temperature of the simmer from your phone anywhere in the house.

An integrated smoke detector can tell when there has been a prolonged absence and thus take action if it senses heat or gas when there should be none. This prevents false alarms when you are home cooking. All of that functionality does not neglect the design factor either. The knobs are just plain beautiful. They come in three colors so you can match it to your kitchen decor accordingly. They have a blue LED backlight halo ring and a touch sensor for adjusting timers and turning off alarms.

With just over 350,000 home fires a year, this is a great step towards protecting your home. You can get in on the ground level of this project too with the Kickstarter currently running with some fantastic early bird pricing still available here. Now if only they made this for curling irons.