JBL Soundgear is a Wearable Speaker You Wear Around Your Neck

JBL Soundgear Wants To Replace Your Headphones

You don’t know it yet, but you want a wearable speaker. Sounds a bit crazy, but think about this: how nice is it to listen to music without having headphones in your ear or on your ear? On the contrary, how nice is it keeping your music and tunes personal without bothering or including others in your experience? The JBL Soundgear delivers the best of both worlds. It’s a speaker that wraps around your neck and delivers personal audio to your ears.


The JBL Soundgear sits comfortably around your neck and hangs just over your collar bone. It’s designed to move with you so it doesn’t wobble around. We went hands on and neck on with a model that’s close to production and immediately understood the appeal. It sounded great and the audio was pretty personal in that it was tough to hear from 5-10 feet away. If you’ve ever been told to keep the TV down, this could really be the device for you. It’s also going to be really awesome way to roam around the house while listening to your music and pod casts. And then there’s gaming. This could be really big with virtual reality.


The JBL Soundgear is a wireless bluetooth speaker, which a technology that JBL has historically nailed. It can pair up to 2 smartphones or bluetooth devices. Since it’s bluetooth, it should easily complement most any virtual reality headset. It can stream up to music for 6 hours. There’s also dual microphones with noise cancellation for taking phone calls and using the voice features of your bluetooth device.

We have a little while to wait for JBL Soundgear. They’ll be hitting the streets in Summer 2017 and will retail for $199.95.