K’Track Glucose Is A Glucose Monitor That Doesn’t Make You Bleed to Read

Diabetics are all too familiar with the prick of a needle on the fingertip, a familiarity that PK Vitality aims to undo with their K’Track Glucose wearable. It is a smartwatch wearable device that uses “Skin Taste” technology to read glucose levels, which is much less creepy than it sounds. The K’Track can take unlimited readings with the tap of a button.

The Skin Taste technology utilizes tiny micro needles that are just <0.5mm long. Their aim is not to draw blood, rather it is to access interstitial fluid. What is interstitial fluid? It is a solution that is naturally found to surround all tissue cells and accounts for as much as 16% of a person’s body weight. That means that it carries some valuable bio-information such as glucose, which is then detected by the SkinTaste biosensor.

Upon activating this feature, the tiny needle probes painlessly penetrate the interstitial fluid and brings a drop into the device for reading. This allows for discreet monitoring of blood glucose in the most convenient way ever invented. No longer do diabetics or hypoglycemics have to carry around the awkward glucose machine with its strips and archaic needle pricks. Now, they can just discreetly check their blood glucose and adapt accordingly, making for a huge quality of life increase. It is Android and Apple app compatible, where it also tracks typical fitness tracker information such as steps taken, calories burned, and distance traveled.

You may be vaguely remembering like announcements by Google or Apple about this kind of technology, but this differs in that it is built directly into a wearable device. The process from the point of pushing a button to getting a reading takes about one minute. All of that information can be accessed through the companion app so you can keep an eye on personal trends. However, this doesn’t come cheap. Each glucose replaceable K’apsul only last 30 days and costs $99! So that is a $99 monthly maintenance bill on top of the $149 initial purchase. Depending on your glucose monitoring needs that could be a small price to pay for incredible convenience or it could be way too cost prohibitive. Being that this technology now exists and is new to the consumer market, hopefully, in time we will see a price drop. See PK Vitality for more info.