Launchpad Toys Releases Kid-Friendly 3D Cartoon Version of Their Toontastic App

Telling 3D stories is now super easy with Toontastic 3D.

Since early in the decade, Launchpad Toys‘ Toontastic app has been a great way for kids and adults alike to create fun, animated stories, complete with narration and music. It’s great for art and animation classes as a quick, gentle introduction to storytelling, but for a while, it was only available for iOS. Well, that figured to change after Google acquired them last year — today, the company is announcing Toontastic 3D, a new version of the app that makes creating 3D animated stories just as easy, and it’s definitely on Google Play.

The app is more about making storytelling easy than teaching animation. The app does the heavy lifting, providing characters that can be moved around several different settings. While kids are moving their characters around, they can record narration, then add music once they’re satisfied with the cracking yarn they’ve told.

While there are a lot of premade assets to use, creativity is encouraged too. Kids are free to draw their own characters, which can be animated just like the premade ones. They can even take a selfie and get themselves (or at least their faces Paint-style photoshopped onto other characters) into the action. I say kids, but honestly, it looks like a ton of fun for all ages.

Google isn’t keeping the fun to themselves. Despite being the owners of Launchpad Toys, they won’t play hardball — Toontastic 3D will be available on both iOS and Android devices starting today. Oh, and here’s another benefit of having access to Google’s nearly inexhaustible storehouse of money — the app is now free to download.