Learn Yoga from the Alexa-Enabled Lynx Robot

The trend this CES was “Alexa-enabled devices”, and the Lynx Robot by UBTech was one of our favorites. The miniature humanoid is loaded up with technology and the Alexa-integration is actually just the start of it. Lynx is equipped with facial, image, and voice recognition, emotion detection, and movements that are so lifelike it can actually teach you Yoga poses.

At its core, Lynx is an Android with a six-core processor and a 2150mAh battery. It’s bluetooth and WiFi capable and has a number of different sensors. Since he’s wireless and paired with a camera, you can have him walk around the house in search of your pet. He’ll be able to live-stream anything he can see.


Because it’s integrated with Amazon Alexa, there’s a huge variety of Alexa features available including music streaming, voice-activated shopping, calendar reminders, email dictation, and answering all of your random questions.

The yoga feature isn’t a joke, it’s a very real feature and a pretty sweet use case. It’s unclear if Lynx will be able to correct your form using its camera, but you will be able to see it done in real-life.

Lynx isn’t too far from hitting the market. It’s supposed to be available in the second quarter of Q2, but the price is unknown. There’s a lot of potential for this Android-powered, Alexa-enabled, technology-equipped robot…but we’ll have to see what it truly makes the most sense for. Will it be a security robot? A yoga instructor? An Amazon Echo that follows you around the house? Or just a toy for the kids? Or, why not all of the above?