Crown Jewel Headphones Are Fit for a Queen

Want headphones that have been given the royal treatment? It’s not going to be easy. Lit Headphones have been on fire for a year now, selling out of their lavishly handmade crown headphones on the regular.

These headphones are no pretenders to the throne, either — depending on the model, the earcups and headband can be decked out in an array of precious metals, gemstones, and fabrics, including gold and silver plating, crystals, pearls, silk, and velvet. The centerpiece? Each headband is topped with a tiara or crown. They’ve also got the usual headphone conveniences, like an in-line remote with a mic. Lit makes the headphones in small and medium sizes, which are made for 10″ to 11″ and 12″ to 14″ ear-to-ear measurements, respectively.


The only problem is how hard they are to get. The brainchild of Lisa Campbell of Miami, Lit Headphones are all handmade — we’ve been told it takes three hours to complete a single pair. And, because these are, you know, headphones with crowns on them, demand has been high. That’s probably putting it mildly — Campbell told us that it takes one to two weeks to restock their headphones, which then sell out in minutes.

Turns out, blinged out headphones have something of a history! Last February, Rihanna tweeted out a picture herself listening to her then-upcoming album, ANTI, using crown headphones. While the headphones were indeed lit, they weren’t Lit — Rihanna’s pair were from a collaboration between Frends and Dolce & Gabbana, with the $9,000 headphones quickly selling out after the tweet. Then, there was the time in 2012 when Lil Wayne and Sky Blue of LMFAO were seen with diamond-studded Beats headphones, with Sky Blue’s pair said to cost over $1 million. We even saw headphone extravagance on tech’s biggest stage this year, with the $120,000 diamond-encrusted Utopia headphones making a showing at CES 2017.


Lit Headphones are, fortunately, a bit more affordable than all that. The Red Reign, Winter Green, Black Queen, and White Queen series all go for $500 each. Awesomely enough, Lit delivers on the packaging, too — for royal headphones, what else would do but a carefully wrapped package closed with a wax seal?

Now, to get a pair. Your best bet is probably to keep tabs on their Facebook page for restocking notices and hope you notice the message as it’s posted. No one ever said being a queen was easy.