Mirabook Turns Your Smartphone Into a Fully Functional Laptop

Mirabook is Android and Microsoft Smartphone compatible with the ability to transform a smartphone into a fully functional laptop by plugging into it via a Type-C USB. Let your smartphone recharge while plugged in and access all of your centralized apps and information all with the convenience of a keyboard, touchpad, full HD display, storage, and a high-capacity battery that will buy you 24 hours of working time.

The ultra-lightweight Mirabook’s biggest asset is definitely the battery time. Most of us need to carry a battery pack to get through a busy working day anyways but the Mirabook gives you that functionality along with the working convenience of a laptop. The Mirabook has a 13-inch screen in full HD definition, giving your eye more real estate to work with than a smartphone. Setting this arrangement up is remarkably easy with the lone step of plugging it into the smartphone. At that point, all the data is centralized so there is no need for regular date synchs.

Given the tremendous capabilities of smartphones, you won’t miss much functionality over and actual laptop. And you get the added bonus of being able to use the apps on your phone seamlessly. You can read more about the Mirabook by Miraxess here. No word on pricing just yet but stay tuned to the site for more details forthcoming.