Mophie’s Latest Battery Pack is Literally a Piece of Art

What do you get when you mix traditional Chinese art with Western graffiti and a touch of splash-ink technique? The ephemeral artistic styling of Hua Tunan who partnered with Mophie for a limited edition Powerstation Plus XL Battery Pack in commemoration of the the Chinese New Year which is the Year of the Rooster. It offers a 12,000 mAh battery for an extra 48 hours of iPhone time with a stunning artistic theme.

The technique Tunan uses to create his pieces and what inspired the commemorative “Year of the Rooster” design is simply mesmerizing. It is an artful dance of various mediums that clash and come together in a way that is truly unique. You can get a good look at what he does and how it translated into a battery pack design here:



This Powerstation Plus is ultra thin, actually 40% thinner than past versions and it quick charges with 2.1Amp output so you can juice up super fast. A secondary port also lets you charge two devices at once if needed. A switch tip port means you can charge micro-USB devices and Apple ones as well. That makes this Powerstation Plus the best yet that Mophie has to offer. Its thin frame lends really well to travel. The Powerstation Plus slips in so easily to a carry-on bag or even in the back pocket of the seat in front of you while on a plane. That is a device life saver when up in the air with a dying smartphone or headphones. And best of all, it is gorgeous too.

You can find this limited edition Powerstation Plus at Mophie for $99.95.