Point and Click at Anything Electronic in the House to Use this Truly Smart Remote

Smart Remote is an Indie Go-Go darling that successfully made a truly universal remote that really is as simple as “point and use.” It accomplishes this by connecting via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or Infrared with various devices and providing a customized screen interface for each. Beyond that, you can also control any Wi-Fi connected device in the house without going into its respective room.

How does this remote know what and where it is pointing? You have to install “smart zones” in each room that you want to use the remote in. These zones look like this:


This makes for an incredibly precise indoor positioning system with virtually limitless application. From the app you can group various devices to come on at once. Want a certain light before bed? Create a “Before Bed” grouping that is saved and always available thereafter. Want the TV, two lights, and the fan on for movie night? Make a grouping for that.

You can also access stand-alone apps or functionality on the Smart Remote like ordering an Uber, or checking the weather. The options are really too numerous to list but the main categories of device and functions you can access with the Smart Remote are TV/Media, lights, speakers, thermostats, cams, blinds, fans, sockets, and smart hubs along with the weather, Uber, and IFTTT. You can peruse exact details compatible devices on their FAQ page at the Smart Remote website by Sevenhugs.  Each kit comes with a remote, a charging base, and three sensors for $229 available for pre-order only.