It Probably Won’t Kill You to Watch This Video of a Prank for the Upcoming Rings

Well, that’s one way to get people to watch your movie.

I’m pretty sure we’re good to watch this video, but I don’t know, maybe check back on me in a week and you’ll know for sure. After laying dormant in that well for 12 years (13 in the movie), Samara is back and ready to terrorize Matilda Lutz on the big screen and, apparently, some unsuspecting people at an electronics shop in real life.

Someone on the production team must have splurged on a viral marketer, because this little prank would fit right in with the vast library of prankster YouTube. Naturally, the prank takes place in the television section of an electronics store, where the aquarium scene starts flickering and turns into stuff from the movie in the movie (in the movie? I heard they’re getting super meta with this one). The TV dude, in on the prank, runs a little distraction to turn the marks away from the fake TV Samara crawls out of, and you can imagine what happens next.

A few of the people don’t really look that scared, to be honest. It kind of kills the buzz, but the last group of dudes really brings it home.

The movie’s not too far out — it’ll hit theaters on February 3. Apparently a hidden movie within the good old videotape from the first two Ring movies is the main plot device here, which is kind of too bad. After over a decade, we’d love to see how Samara has adapted to the changing world of television. She starts streaming herself on Netflix, and it’s pretty much all over from there, right?