Make Your Dumb Trash Smarter with GeniCan

Even Your Garbage Can Be Connected

Smarter homes are a trend here at CES 2017. We love the idea of making our stuff smarter, without necessarily needing to buy all new stuff. GeniCan allows you to make your regular trash can smart. How smart? The app will log all the items you throw away and help you effortlessly build a new grocery list. GeniCan is even Amazon Dash enabled to automatically replenish products of your choice.

Screen Shot 2017-01-06 at 12.09.13 PM

The GeniCan is a small device not much bigger than your phone that can attach to the inside of any square or rectangle garbage/recycling bin. It has sensors and a barcode that will detect and scan items as you throw them away. Any product without a barcode can still be logged using voice recognition built into the device. Before you know it, you have a grocery list, or you have an Amazon shipment coming your way.

There’s an app that accompanies GeniCan that can be shared with the entire family. You can, of course, add whatever items you want manually. The device is powered on four double batteries (included) and can last up to a year. The device pairs to WiFi to keep the app up-to-date.


The concept sounds great as grocery shopping doesn’t always go exactly as planned. The one obvious issue is that by the time you throw out your sriracha hot sauce or last carton of eggs, it’s already a little late to start buying more. The Amazon Dash integration is a really appealing aspect as it’s a nice time savor and a true convenience.

Genican is currently available for pre-order and is shipping in early 2017. It’s retailing for $149, but can currently be purchased for $124.99 from GeniCan’s website