American Girl’s Latest Doll is Logan, Their First Boy Doll

And he’s pretty good on the drums!

American Girl is best known for their girl of the year dolls, but they’ve always got at least a few new dolls they release every year to give their stars some company. This year, that company includes a first for American Girl — an American boy. Logan Everett will be available soon, along with his bandmate and his beloved drum set.

Yesterday, American Girl showed off their entire line of 18″ contemporary characters (as opposed to the historical ones they create to reflect different eras) for 2017, which includes four dolls. Two of those dolls are Logan and his bandmate, Tenney Grant, a budding country singer from Nashville. Both dolls come with their instruments (Tenney plays the guitar), and they’re both due out today. It’ll mark the first time in American Girl’s 31-year history that they’ve produced an 18″ boy doll. The duo is joining the American Girl Girl of the Year for 2017, Gabriela McBride, an African American girl from Philadelphia who excels in poetry and dance.


The entire line has a focus on diversity. The other contemporary doll, Z (short for Suzie) Yang, is a Korean American filmmaker who has already debuted in American Girl’s YouTube videos, and is the first Asian American doll since Ivy Ling was archived in 2014. During yesterday’s announcement on Facebook, it was also revealed that Z will get a live action special on Amazon sometime this year.

The company is also releasing a couple of historical dolls in their BeForever line. They’re bringing back Felicity, a girl from colonial America who was archived in 2010, with a redesigned outfit. She’ll be out this year along with Nanea Mitchell, a native Hawaiian from the World War II era. Nanea will be released in the fall, while Felicity is headed to American Girl’s Los Angeles, Chicago, and online stores.


The push for diversity is in line with American Girl’s parent company, Mattel. Mattel introduced Barbie dolls in several skin tones years ago, following up with a variety of body types last year.

Via USA Today