The Last Domino Falls as AT&T Makes Their Unlimited Plan Available to Everyone

Just like that, all four major carriers have unlimited data plans again.

We know things move fast in the tech industry, but this is ridiculous. At the beginning of August 2016, having an unlimited plan with one of the big four meant you got grandfathered in on what’s now a truly ancient plan. Just six months later, unlimited plans are officially back at all four and available to all. Yesterday, AT&T announced their new unlimited data plan.

AT&T is a bit different in that they did already have an unlimited plan — you just had to also subscribe to U-verse or DirecTV to get on it. Yesterday, AT&T dropped that requirement. But, it’s still one of the pricier unlimited plans, and it’s almost cost prohibitive for single lines. It’ll cost $100 for a single line, which is much more expensive than T-Mobile, Sprint, or even Verizon. AT&T then adds $40 for each line, which brings the total to $220 for a four-person family plan. But, after two billing cycles, AT&T will make the fourth line free, bringing their four-person family plan in line with Verizon’s.

But, AT&T doesn’t seem as interested in playing the one-upsmanship game. Their plan doesn’t include tethering at all, and video streaming at 480p is the default. Fortunately, unlimited subscribers can turn off the Stream Saver feature, which will enable HD video streaming — AT&T is likely hoping most people don’t for the sake of bandwidth. And, like usual, there’s a throttling threshold — use 22 GB within a month, and you’ll likely see speeds slow.The one advantage AT&T’s plan does have is that it business customers can use corporate discounts when purchasing it.

AT&T’s announcement follows the mid-August news of both T-Mobile and Sprint bringing back unlimited plans and the return of a Verizon unlimited plan earlier this week. We’ve also seen both Sprint and T-Mobile aggressively change their plans to introduce more features at lower prices since their initial announcements, making for a rapidly changing wireless landscape.

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