Barbie’s DreamHorse Trots and Responds to Petting

Barbie’s new horse trots, whinnies, and even dances!

Barbie isn’t the only one getting a tech boost at Toy Fair this year. Her horse companion is getting way more advanced this year, with new touch sensitivity that makes the horse react to petting and brushing.

A couple years ago, Barbie got in the saddle with the Barbie Saddle ‘N Ride Horse & Doll. Her horse, Tawny, could walk forward with a button press — even at the risk of trotting right over the table’s edge. Well, you’ll still want to exercise the same caution with this year’s DreamHorse, but this year’s horse knows a few more tricks.

The DreamHorse now whinnies and neighs like a horse, and can move her head around in response to petting or brushing her mane (Barbie-sized brush included). Besides the brush accessory, the DreamHorse comes with carrots that the horse can chomp on.  She can also respond to voice by nodding yes or no to questions, and can even be prompted to make a turn in a full circle — a true show horse.

Barbie DreamHorse will be galloping into toy stores in the fall, priced at $100.