At Barbie’s Pet Shop, She REALLY Helps a Mommy Dog Give Birth to Pups

Barbie’s furry friend is ready to give birth to triplets!

Barbie is learning all about the miracle of puppy life at Toy Fair this year. The Barbie Newborn Pups Pet Assortment features Barbie with a dog ready to give birth to three puppies — and there’s even a way to tell if they’re boys or girls! No, not that way.

Barbie and her friend don’t get too far into the realities of birth. Just give the mommy dog’s back a little push, and three puppies kind of tumble out from her stomach. It’s a rough entry into a rough world. Fortunately, the three puppies have it a little easier after that. The playset comes with a full assortment of canine amenities, including a bed, a soft cloth, a bath, and a soap bottle.

Admittedly, there is one more rough step for the puppies before they get introduced to the good life. A dunk in icy cold water will make the puppies’ eyes open, and will reveal a blue or pink heart on their backs to reveal their sex. After the ice cold bath, it’s finally comfy bed time. They earned it.

The Barbie Newborn Pups Pet Assortment playset will arrive in toy stores this fall for $20. There might not be as much replay value here as with the construction worker Barbie with Mega Bloks that we also saw at Toy Fair, but then again, we’re suckers for building blocks.