BeatsX Wireless In-Ear Headphones Review

No strings attached, these are a great pair of wireless earphones for the money.

chipchickpick1Beats has been killing it lately. Their Powerbeats3 and Solo3 wireless headphones both earned Chip Chick Picks for being top notch wireless headphones in their respective categories. After a delay, their lightweight BeatsX in-ear headphones are finally here, and we consider them to be a superior alternative to Apple’s AirPods.

First of all, kudos to Beats for placing the BeatsX in very easy to open packaging. Inside the box you get six sets of tips, including ones with wingtips that help secure the headphones while working out and running. The BeatsX earbuds are quite comfortable, even for someone like myself with smaller ear canals. They also stay securely in your ears, even while running.

The BeatsX design is not super original, but it’s clean and minimal with a convenient tangle-free flat cable. It’s also really neat how the earbuds snap together thanks to magnets in the housings. That said, not everyone will take to this style. It’s easy to get the BeatsX caught in long hair, although no more so than other similar wireless in-ear headphones. Either way, if this look isn’t for you, Beats has plenty of other great wireless form factors to choose from like the Powerbeats3.


Pairing is super easy and fast for iPhone 7 users thanks to the W1 Chip. The audio quality of the BeatsX earphones are not going to satisfy audiophiles, but we weren’t expecting that from a $149 pair of wireless earphones. They sound very good for their price range. Music sounds pretty balanced but lacks depth and doesn’t have much bass — personally, I actually like that the bass isn’t too strong. In particular, vocals shine on the BeatsX and, as expected, it performs especially well for pop music. The headphones also offer a solid amount of passive noise isolation, so you won’t hear much street noise at all when using them.

The BeatsX also works as a hands-free headset for making calls. The Siri-compatible RemoteTalk shines in this respect with exceptional call quality — we could hear callers really well and they said the same of us. Overall, this is one of the best wireless headsets we’ve tested in terms of call quality.

The BeatsX charge up using a Lightning cable. A Lightning connector is included in the box, as well as a silicone carrying case. The headphones also have a super convenient ”quick charge” feature — just 5 minutes of charging translates to two hours of playback. On a full charge, we got seven to eight hours of listening time, which is very respectable for its form factor.

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