Best of Mobile World Congress 2017

These mobile devices are going to make waves in 2017

Mobile World Congress – it might as well be the official start to the year’s smartphone shopping season. Every year, we see the first salvo of new premium phones that will battle it out for sales supremacy, using the the latest and greatest components. While a certain Samsung phone didn’t make it to the party this year, there was plenty else to catch our attention on the show floor. Here’s what we’ve got for what’ll be hot in 2017.


Best Flagship Phone: LG G6


Sure, there’s an asterisk here — with the Galaxy S8 getting an announcement late next month, we don’t really know how hot the LG G6 will be. But, they’ve certainly given themselves a chance with IP68 waterproofing and super-thin bezels that maximize display size in a body that’s actually a bit smaller than the G5.

Best Enterprise Device: BlackBerry KEYone


No, BlackBerry isn’t making phones again — they’ve licensed the brand to TCL, and TCL has done the brand justice. With a physical, touch sensitive keyboard that brings back keyboard shortcuts, the KEYone looks like a great business phone. It’s small enough to be used with one hand, has the convenient all-in-one BlackBerry hub for calls, texts, and social media, and comes loaded with BlackBerry’s hardware and software security features. We’ll see if all that’s good enough to help the BlackBerry name regain its former glory in the enterprise market.

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