10 Awesome Toys Worth Being on Your Radar: Best of Toy Fair 2017

So many awesome toys, so little time!

The innovation that comes out of Toy Fair each year never ceases to amaze us. And for 2017, Toy Fair was once again full of wonders. We especially appreciated that so many new toys offer a STEM educational component to them, all helping to make learning fun. And, without further ado, here are our best of Toy Fair picks.

Wicked Cool Toys Teddy Ruxpin

Every child of the ’80s has a soft spot for this teddy bear. The 2017 version of Teddy Ruxpin still reads stories to kids, and he is as cute as the original — but he’s got modern day amenities such as built-in memory to replace those pesky cassette tapes, and his eyes are now made of animated LCD displays!

LEGO Life app

Lego has come out with a social network for kids where they can share their Lego creations. ‘Nuff said!

Hasbro Dance Code Belle


We all want to encourage kids to learn how to code, and we think that pairing that technical education with an inspiring Disney Princess like Belle is the perfect match. After all, we’re sure that a modern day version of Belle could easily be a programmer.

Crayola Fashionista Superstar

Fashionista Superstar is a fun and affordable way to encourage aspiring fashion designers. It brings together physical sketching with a digital design app, and manages to stay affordable at just $20.

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