Dancing Beauty and the Beast Belle Doll Teaches Kids How to Code

Hasbro is getting educational at the Toy Fair this year.

In the upcoming live-action Beauty and the Beast (you may have heard of it), one major change is that Belle is the inventor in the family instead of her father. Hasbro must have taken some inspiration from that, because their new Belle doll is pretty into hard sciences herself. The company is introducing the Dance Code Belle doll at the New York Toy Fair this weekend, and she’s going to be giving some kids their first programming lesson.

Dance Code Belle, being quite the polymath, is a whiz at (sure enough) dancing and coding. The coding comes in when kids open up the companion app, which connects to the doll using a Bluetooth connection. The app is mostly a storybook app, but at some points kids can string together dance moves for some beginner block coding. It’s meant to help younger kids start to think like a coder, without making things too difficult. Even younger kids can simply connect dots on screen to create those strings of dance moves.

The doll doesn’t need to be tied to the app, though. In addition to preset dance moves, Belle can become a dance leader for kids by telling them moves to perform. She also comes loaded with 100 phrases and seven songs, which is not a bad haul.

Dance Code Belle won’t be making her grand entrance for a while, though. As it usually is with the Toy Fair, companies are looking ahead to the holiday shopping season — Dance Code Belle is expected to hit toy store shelves sometime in the fall for $120.

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