Adam Nimoy Needs Your Help Crowdfunding a Star Trek Deep Space 9 Documentary

A renewed interest in the ’90s Star Trek show warrants a proper retrospective.

Ask any given Star Trek fan what their favorite series is, and chances are you won’t hear Deep Space 9 as the answer very often (well, probably more than Enterprise, but still). Opting for an ongoing story in contrast to the adventure-of-the-week approach of The Original Series and The Next GenerationDS9 was the first to take liberties with Gene Roddenberry’s utopian vision of the future — after all, we’re talking about a show that looks at a character like Quark thoughtfully.

Consistently a critical darling over the course of its seven-season run, DS9 is now reentering the spotlight. Adam Nimoy and DS9 showrunner Ira Steven Behr are teaming up to introduce the show to the next generation of Star Trek fans with What We Left Behind. The planned documentary will reunite much of the show’s cast and crew to look at the challenges of making the show happen and explore what would have happened had the show gone eight seasons.


The documentary will feature interviews with most of the principal cast, although it looks like Avery Brooks, who played Commander (and later Captain) Benjamin Sisko, is not involved. It’ll also following the original writing team as they imagine a full season eight and storyboard what would have been the first episode.

While What We Left Behind is an independent project, word is it’s being done with Paramount’s blessing, and considering that the people behind it made DS9 in the first place, it’s not exactly a fan project like another more controversial crowdfunded project, Axanar. Money from the campaign will help pay for the rest of filming, plus editing and post-production. As of now, it looks like the team is targeting February 2018 for release of the documentary.

Via Mashable