Seagate Game Drive for Xbox 512 GB SSD Review

Seagate gives their Game Drive a big speed boost.

So…dehydrated…quick run to get water during a loading screen? Not anymore. Exaggeration aside, with Seagate’s new Game Drive for Xbox 512 GB SSD, it’s not far-fetched.

Once plugged in, the Xbox One will prompt the user to select whether the drive will be used for media (music, videos, etc.) or for games. Media mode will allow for the drive to be used not only with the Xbox One but also with PCs. On the other hand, game mode is strictly for games and game related material on the Xbox One. There is no additional software needed to use the drive.

Of the 512 GB, only 476 GB is usable as storage but this is standard for SSDs. This will allow for about 10 to 15 games to be installed on the Game Drive depending on the size of the games. The drive comes in the classic Xbox One color of green and black, but with the black on the outside as opposed to Seagate’s Game Drive HDD — maybe the full-on bright green surface was a bit much. It includes a USB 3.0 cable which is all that is needed to run the drive — no external power source is needed.

For our tests, I used Rise of the Tomb Raider and Forza Horizon 3 to test the drive’s performance, and oh boy did the Game Drive SSD perform. Load times for both games were reduced by about one minute to 1 minute and 15 seconds. I used to go grab a glass of water very quickly whenever I loaded up Forza Horizon 3, but the game now loads before I get a chance to get my water.

This should not come as much of a surprise — a typical HDD like the one in an Xbox One reads at about 150 MB/s, while this drive claims that their SSD reads at about 440 MB/s. Just keep in mind that although the packaging says Xbox, only the Xbox One can really reap the benefits of a portable SSD because the Xbox 360 uses USB 2.0 instead of the faster USB 3.0. The drive also enables you to easily take stored games to a friend’s house, log into your account, and play as if you were at home on your own Xbox.

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