Snap Spectacles Are Finally Available to Purchase Online

By now, you’ve heard of Snap Spectacles, the revolutionary sunglasses that have a built- in camera to allow you to take video and pictures and send them to your Snapchat contacts. The product is already EXTREMELY popular, but for a while was only sold in Snapbots, which are vending machines that are specifically made to house the Snap Spectacles. These vending machines have been notorious for selling out quickly and having very long wait lines.

Finally, finally, Snap Spectacles are now being sold online. This eliminates wait time, and inflation of cost. The sunglasses will be online for $129.99. It’s also great since the SnapBot vending machines were very scattered through the U.S, making Snap Spectacles very scarce to come by.


This comes to our second update. Snap Inc. has also announced that their SnapBot machines will be put on hold for the moment. Not to worry though, it’s been assured that they will be back in the near future, but the company wants to improve the vending machine’s design.

Now for the third and final update, and what seems to be the most “Yeah I saw that coming” update. Snap Inc. has finally come out and said that it is, in fact, a camera company. People are wondering if this is actually a smart move for the company, considering they have admitted that they don’t make a lot of money from snapchat. That being said, the Snap Spectacles is the first in a line of new products the company is rumored to release.