Sprint Is Offering a $90 Family Plan for Up to Five People

The price is only locked in until March 2018.

Sprint is giving a huge short-term reason for families to switch to their network this week. Their unlimited plan, which launched at $60 for the first line, $40, for the second, and $30 per line past that, recently saw a temporary cut to $50 for the first line. Today, Sprint is going all-out to entice families by making every line past the first two free, up to five lines total.

That means a family of five can get on Sprint’s unlimited plan for $90 per month. The biggest catch is that the pricing isn’t permanent — that price will be locked in until March 2018, after which monthly fees will revert to Sprint’s normal prices ($60+$40+$30, etc). Still, that’s a great price for a whole year for families of four or five — if Sprint’s service is decent enough in your area (admittedly still a big if), that’s a hard deal to beat.

Verizon and AT&T have been raising rates and imposing caps on customers with now-ancient grandfathered unlimited plans lately, so the timing might indicate that Sprint is trying to lure some of the newly disaffected in. Their success will still be limited by their spotty service in many parts of the country, but Sprint has been slowly improving, and there’s a good chance that the carrier could make a big comeback when 5G rollout starts.